Twee buitenlandse studenten
Voor de vakantie hebben de leerlingen van groep 5a kennis gemaakt met twee meesters uit het buitenland, die iedere donderdag in de klas aanwezig zullen zijn. Ze zijn al mee wezen schaatsen, en dat vonden zij wel heel bijzonder om mee te maken! Zoals u kunt lezen hieronder heeft Alejandro nog nooit sneeuw of ijs in het echt gezien. 

Hello, my name is Simon Krepelka, I am 23 years old and I am from Germany. I am doing a semester abroad at the Marnix Academie for my teacher training in Germany and to improve my English skills. In Germany I live in a small village, with only around 1.200 inhabitants, near Stuttgart. At home I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, different lizards and fishes. I really enjoy a good meal and video games during my free time. 

I am studying to be a secondary school teacher for the subjects English and Mathematics. I am currently in my third year of studies of overall 5 years. 

I really enjoy looking forward working with the teachers at the Comeniusschool and with the children, and to learn more about the Dutch culture. 

My name is Alejandro, I am 22 years old and studying to become a Primary School teacher. I'm doing an Erasmus for 6 months and I come from Spain, more precisely from the Canary Islands. 

I'm having this Internship at Comenius School because I'm staying in Zeist during this period of time. Over these two days I have been with the class, I have introduced myself to them, observed the differences and similarities between Dutch and Spanish schools, I also had the opportunity to help with a Spanish lesson with some of them and even went ice skating with the class for the first time in my life. 

For the time I will be in the school, I expect to learn as much as possible from the teachers, the students and the Dutch culture. I also hope to have an unforgettable experience that will help me grow as a future teacher and a person.